The Hides are usually part payment for the abattoirs and then shipped off to China and elsewhere on the continent.  It seems such a shame to me that such an incredible product is lost in the system and not singled out for its beauty.

I return from the abattoir with the hide and then start the process. It takes a lot of work preparing the Hide for the salting process but once done it is left for 3-4 weeks and then the journey starts.  I drive it to Hull to be cleaned for its journey to then continue down to Yeovil where it is treated and returned to me as a stunning hide for your walls or floor.  The hair on a Lincoln Red is long and extremely lustrous and so makes for a perfect floor addition.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these Hides that are totally unique, please contact me either by e mail or phone and I will be happy to help and advise.