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Local and national beef box delivery. Our beef boxes contain cuts that are hand-selected by our butchers. Each box will contain a mix of stewing, roasting and steak cuts, along with burgers and koftas for the BBQ. All of beef is cut from whole carcass Lincoln Russet and is cut and packed by us.

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Topside beef cut from our own Lincoln Russet cattle. Lean, flavoursome and great for roasting, topside beef comes from the hind of the cow, and makes for a traditional Sunday roasting cut (and even better leftover sandwiches!). Plus, we cover ours in a little extra cod fat to keep the joint nice and moist during roasting.

Cook hot and fast, and serve pink in the middle, or slice thinly for delicious escalopes.

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‘The bland, mass produced meat market is not something we subscribe to.’ – Amy Jobe, founder of Lincoln Russet.

All Lincoln Russet beef is grass-fed and pasture-raised on our own farm, and only feed on the forage available to them on the land they occupy. The cattle are put out to the fields in the summer and brought indoors in the cold months. A hardy breed, the cattle put on weight well feeding on only grass and pasture. So, the result? A spectacular marbling and a deep, succulent flavour which we believe is some of the best you can find in the country today.

Only beef reared with passion will taste truly amazing. So, as fourth generation arable and livestock farmers, we’re experts on raising good beef cattle. To read more about how we raise our cattle, click here. Or, if you’d prefer a smaller beef box, here.

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