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The Lincoln Red is the traditional breed of Lincolnshire, that is deep ruby red in colour and a producer of superb beef. The breed is slow growing and grass fed which are the qualities that define it’s outstanding flavour, appearance and texture, giving the consumer a beef experience above our competitors.


Find out what makes our cattle so special and what efforts we go to, to ensure we only rear the very best.


Wish to try our beautiful Lincoln Russet beef? Find out where you can buy it.


Learn more about the story of me being the very proud owner of a herd of pedigree Lincoln Red cattle.


I’m Amy Jobe, the proud owner of a herd of pedigree Lincoln Red cattle which we keep on our farm near Louth in Lincolnshire. The Lincoln Red is the traditional breed of Lincolnshire, deep ruby red in colour, grass fed and producer of superb beef. 

Our farm is located in the beautiful rolling chalk hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds providing an excellent environment to grow our cattle. Our animals graze on our own traditional pastures for as much of the year as possible, only coming in during the winter months where they are fed on our own quality hay and silage and where we can ensure they are ready for calving the following spring.

It has always been in my interest to ensure I produce the best animals I can. I cherry pick my best cattle not only for breeding qualities but also for the best confirmation and optimum fat content. Having absolute control of the the whole process from conception to carcass ensures I can tailor the animals to our high standards.

Being a farmer, wife and mother of two free range children, I am also a trained agronomist, allowing me to personally oversee the production of all forage on our farm, again ensuring only top quality products are used. Like most things in life, you only get out what you put in, you don’t get quality beef without a quality animal, quality feed and a quality environment, all attributes we strive to maintain.  

We sell all our beef under our own Lincoln Russet brand. If you buy Lincoln Russet beef you can be sure that it was born and raised in Lincolnshire and will have grazed on top quality pastures producing succulent, slowly grown beef. 

There’s a lot more to say about our cattle so please click on the ‘Our Cattle’ link to find out more.



  • "It is so important to know the provenance and welfare of your meat and there is nothing like pure bred grass fed beef. Amy rears these animals in the finest conditions with care right the way through to slaughter to ensure the meat is in the best possible condition. I was really impressed by the flavour and texture of the Lincoln Russet, a pure breed that is widely unknown but delivers a truly wonderful deep, beefy flavour with a texture you would expect from the various cuts of prime English Beef. I would select it over other breeds I have tasted."

    Mitch Tonks
    Mitch Tonks Chef and Author | The Sea Horse
  • "I must admit the heifer we bought in from Amy is some of the tastiest beef we have ever eaten!"

    Smoke House Islington
    Smoke House Islington
  • "It was amazing. The best burger EVER.  Now, where can I get it in Tealby....."

    Ginny Askam
    Ginny Askam
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