The rolling chalk hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds have been synonymous with top quality livestock farming for generations. We take great pride in producing, some of the best beef available today. We are fourth generation livestock and arable farmers situated close to the market town of Louth and have a passion for Lincoln Red cattle. 

The Lincoln Red formed the back bone of Lincolnshire beef production for decades. However, it is not such a common sight as it once was. The introduction of fast growing continental breeds have suited a production driven industry in recent times reducing numbers of traditional beef breeds. 

The bland, mass produced meat market is not something we subscribe to. 

We believe that Lincoln Red cattle raised solely on top quality grass and forage grown in Lincolnshire produces superior quality beef.

All our cattle are fed on naturally grown (not artificially fertilised) pasture through the spring, summer and autumn. They are only taken in during the winter months and continue on a grass based diet of Lincolnshire Wold forage cut from our own fields. A little rolled barley is added to the final diet to produce that lovely fat that gives exceptional flavour. 

Twice yearly calving allows us to produce a consistent supply all year round. We keep our cattle for 20-25 months, almost double the age of mass market growers. 

We personally deliver all our animals to a local, state of the art abattoir first thing in the morning, minimising stress and negating any effects to meat quality. We believe this is paramount to producing the best beef.

Lincoln Reds are a traditional breed and generally have a higher fat content than most ‘modern’ continental cross breeds. The Lincoln Red lends itself to the dry ageing process. The higher fat covering allows for a longer dry hanging time. This enables flavours to develop naturally.

The slow growing and grass fed qualities define flavour, appearance and texture. This gives the consumer the finest beef experience. 

Amy Jobe’s Lincoln Russet is a guarantee that the meat you receive is from a Lincoln Red Sire and Dam and not a cross-breed. It also guarantees that the cattle have been grass fed in Lincolnshire, properly aged and to the highest welfare standards.

Our aim is to produce and supply the best beef that has been born, raised, fed and slaughtered in the Lincolnshire Wolds. 

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